Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Monday, day 1 of week 10

Im dead tired, so I'll make this quick. I did the week 10 routine today, and it was actually really intense doing it like Arnel layed out, which is to try and do only 6-10 reps and 3-4 sets, then only 2 sets of the last 4 exercises. I was strict with the 30 seconds or less between supersets and it really had me goin! The towel pullups were suckin, I think my towel was ripping, so halfway through them i changed to regular pullups...no biggy. I also do pushups durring my warmups now, so since this weeks routine is pushup intense my chest and arms were dead afterwards! As soon as I finished I jumped on the treadmill and did my interval. It wasnt as intense as the previous weeks since last week I didnt really get a good HIIT in at all, but I still did 4 rounds. 2 at 10mph and 2 at 9mph, and ran for almost 2 miles and 20 minutes total. I think I burned 49 carbs and like 280 calories.

Tuesday night I will go to the gym again and hit those heavy weights again, cant wait!! Ive been keeping my weight steadyish the last few days, which has been around 159lbs to 157.5 lbs, so hopefully the weight lifting will curb the sudden weight loss thing. Im still losing fat around my gut though, I think Im down another quarter inch or so from last week.


m0k said...

And what about pics man ? :) How are you doing with it ?

Mauricio Segura said...

Hey Man,

Since you said you´ll be going to the gym, why not have a look at the
"How to Force Your Body to Burn the last 8 lbs of Stubborn Fat in 8 Weeks or Less" link of Arnel´s

It may be worth giving it a try.

Let us know how it goes.

Mauricio Segura

abdominater said...

i did the palm forward pull ups today w/ the wall sits. ouuchh
the towel pull ups are prob harder.o my god.my arms were throbbing after them.its weird how a different hand position makes you fell like your starting from scratch.there arent many of the familiar names still ere? great to see an old face still goin strong.keep it up...