Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Wednesday, day 3 of week 6

First off, let me start by saying this, I have so much respect for for Arnel in accomplishing his own 16 week program. The reason I say this is because Ive heard him say before "now you guys now the hell I had to go thru!" And he's right, as much as I love it AFTERWARDS, this is hell! I did my resistance today and added an interval day after I was finished. I didnt do the same speeds that I did yesterday, but I still did pretty good for just completing the resistance training, heres what I did:

Stretched, and then my normal warmup

4 circuits of the advanced level week 6 routine (60 sec per exercise with no brake inbetween each exercise, and a 1 minute brake inbetween circuits

Then onto the treadmill:

2min at 3mph, then
2min at 6mph, then
1min at 9mph, then
2min at 6mph, then
1min at 9mph, then
2min at 6mph, then
1min at 9mph, then
2min at 6mph, then
2min at 3mph for cooldown

For a total of 15 minutes running time, burned 38 carbs, 220+ calories, and ran a distance of 1.5 miles, all again at the 2% incline.

Now I dont want you to take this the wrong way, and it is not meant to be a downer in anyway shape or form, but, THIS WAS A HARD, HELLISH DAY!! I cant tell you how many times I wanted to just stop, and how many times I sat and argued with myself about if I was too tired to keep going on or not. If you could here the fight with myself in my head you would think I was mad. Its sortta funny now, but at the time it was really trying!

Let me say this though, I really LOVE week 6, ....Im not sure if its cause I told myself to push harder doing this weeks program or just the routine itself, but this is a hard week. I was sore on tuesday for the first time in like 3 weeks, especially in my calves and ribs and lower abs. Im assuming thats a good sign. And the soreness made yesterdays interval really tough, which didnt help since I uped my speeds. But I really felt it today with combining the 2, and Im feeling it now as Im sitting here typing to you. I dunno, I guess Im just really thinking about whats in store for us in the coming weeks, and how Im really getting a little frustrated with not seeing the results I want to see, but I will be pushing on. Actually not seeing the results I want is whats making me madder and forcing me to push harder and harder. Plus week 7 is the first Spartan training week, I cant wait!!!


Filipino Jim said...

what's up doug? just wanted to let you know that i didn't fall off. my dang dog bit my cord in half for my laptop and then my battery went dead. the stupid cord cost me $56!!! can you believe that?! well i'm back on and i won't make the mistake of having my laptop out when my dog is runnin around. i hope all is well.


Sam said...

Great job bro! your cardio is tearing mine up, i'm running every day for about 2miles and its just gets tiring! Idon't argue with myself but i do start to slack and realize "shit i need to pick this pace up if i'm going to do this.. DO IT RIGHT" so i guess i kinda do yell at myself also :P haha.


abdominater said...

i can totally understand the "arguing w/ yourself" there have been times on the treadmill when i would pay to just to shut up the two voices in my head

"why sm i doing this"
"for abs"
"who needs abs"
"i do"
so stupid

the results are there. there are under the jumper of fat.your abs are just waiting for you.think of the pleasure when those bad boys start to reveal themselves.

great post.keep it up