Saturday, October 20, 2007

Saturday, day 6 of week 6

No workouts to report on, heres why.....One reason is work, I worked all day yesterday and was too tired at the end of the day to do my last resistance day of the week, and then today I was going to do both the resistance and HIIT, but, I started working on my entertainment center and just had to finish it! I build my own furniture by the way, incase your wondering. So tomorrow, my day off, I will go ahead and finish out week 8's routine and get my last HIIT in for the week 8. I will also be posting my halfway pics on Monday, which will be the beginning of my second half of my 16 week journey. I have lost a little bit more around my stomach these past 2 weeks and am really pleased with my results so far.

When I start week 9 I will be incorporating some of my own workouts to help boost my results for the final 8 week stretch. I joined a gym on thursday and will be including some heavy weight training into Arnels program, so I will have to change my workout schedule a little bit. I have decided to include the heavy weight lifting because I want to bulk up a bit while losing the fat using Arnels program. I dont want to lose all my fat and then be a little skinny twig. My current weight is 160 lbs, so Ive lost 17 lbs so far, which is plenty!! I do want to get the ripped look, with a low body fat %, but I also want to add muscle. So I will still be doing the exact same workouts that you guys are doing, but I will also be lifting. So please, wish me luck!!

I hope everyone is getting great results like I know some of us are, and if you think your not getting any results, just keep going!! If you are workong out and eating right, the results will come! Good luck all, talk to you again when I post my halfway results on Monday!


abdominater said...

i see a few of you guys are doing extra going to stick to the main routine and do nothing tired enough already and i think i need to let the muslcles heal anyz. more power to you.think about next summer.cant wait to hit the beach..

Filipino Jim said...

i'm glad to see that you're staying strong. i failed once again and making another attempt to change this unhealthy lifestyle. i apologize for lettin you guys down.

jjeagle said...

Great job man. I do the extra weight lifting myself while doing arnels ab program. the weight lifting will give you that extra "umpph" in burning fat while building muscle.