Monday, October 15, 2007

Monday, day 1 of week 8

So a quick update here....I wasn't able to do the final set of the week 7 routine this weekend. My knee was just needing a break. So I took it easy and worked in the garage finishing my entertainment center, which is lookin pretty good! It seemed to help because my knee felt pretty good today, which was a good thing since it was my first day of week 8! I started the workout with the intention of doing my HIIT after the routine, but it took too long. I did really good in the routine today, or at least I felt like I did good. I had alot of energy with taking those 2 days off, so I was ready to go today. The ball and chair pushups were pretty tough, so I got thru 15 reps of those, and then 15 of the 1 leg ball squats, each leg. Then I used the chair instead of the ball for the 1 leg raised pushups, which I did 10 for each leg raised, then the 1 leg ball rolls I did 20 each leg. I dont have the same pullup bar as Arnel, so I did regular palms out pullups, which I did 8 the first set, but was able to do 10 the next 2 sets, followed by 30 seconds of the wall sitting squat, which actually hurt alot more than I thought! Then I did 20 of the upright row with the black bands, and 20 of the ball calf raises each leg. I finished the routine with 20 of the bicep curls with the black and blue bands, and then 20 of the ball knee lifts.

I feel pretty good now, and the knees holding up, so thats good. Im really hoping for some good pictures at my halfway point next week, and I think they might be pretty good because I have actually been able to notice some changes in my obliques now in the mirror, which is really getting me excited!! I used to joke that if you grabbed my love handles and closed your eyes, it felt like a nice "d" cup sized boob, without a nipple...but now...I can only pinch the little bit of fat that is left!! Its great!!

Keep it up you guys.....most of us are almost half way there, so its all downhill from here...well...downhill in terms of how many more weeks we have left! Uphill in terms of how much more intense the routines will get...CANT WAIT!!!!!

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abdominater said...

cant wait til your back on board are doin the right've proved you can do it now so finnish it when its safe.