Thursday, October 11, 2007

Thursday, day 4 of week 7

I didn't post yesterday for 2 reasons, one I didn't do anything. I had to work and my knee was killing me, so I took a rest day. And two, because as much as I like keeping up on the posting, its getting a little old, its lost some of its coolness that it had when I first started it. Plus it eats up a bit of time. So I will probably be posting maybe 2 times a week or so, I dunno, we will see.

So today I did the week 7 routine for the second time, and actually got it done sooner than the first time. I broke up some of the exercises into 2 or 3 sets that equalled 30 reps total. Except the pullups, I had to do as many as possible until I finally reached 30 reps, but I didn't have to use the elastic bands this time!! Yeah me! It helped by doing the pullups second, instead of last, deffinetely. I will do my HIIT when I get home tonight so wish me luck.

Keep it up everybody, your ALL doing great work!

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