Monday, October 22, 2007


Monday, day 1 of week 9

Well, let me get todays workout out of the way before my pics. It went pretty good, I changed my warmup a little bit and made it more intense, which actually made it to where I could only do 6 sets of the warmup instead of 8. It was nice to do something different. The workout went pretty good today, I did all the week 9 routine, pretty much ended up doing 20 of everything for all the sets and supersets. The explosive pushups were a bit tough towards 14 and on!! Did really good with everything else, and I actually liked the staggered pullups, what I did for those was I had one hand facing towards and the other facing away, and then I switched them. It was a cool way to do them, it gave me a different feeling burn. Im not too sore, except my abs, from using the resistance band during ball crunches....Oww! But overall I feel pretty good, no soreness, which is good because tomorrow will be my first day of heavy lifting. I plan on doing my warmup, then the heavy lifting, and then finish with my HIIT. Im interested to see if people will stare or say anything when Im cranking the treadmill up to 10 and 11mph, since most people at the gym just cruise.

Ok, with that said, here are my halfway pictures with a little side note for some:

Total weight loss as of today, 18 lbs, total inches lost off of gut, 4 1/2"

Current weight-159.5 lbs

Current gut measurement-35 3/8"

Here are some other pictures from my halfway point I took:

Heres how I've been keeping track of my gut measurement. Just a simple piece of paper and a tape measure. I have always measured from the same spot since day 1, right below my belly button, which happened to be the biggest part of my gut and lovehandles.

If it weren't for this piece of paper, proving that I was changing.....I probably would have quit before I ever even got to week 3. But Im still here!!!


jjeagle said...

Great halfway results! Abs and obliques are showing nicely on the upper half of the stomach. You can see the fat melt away from the top down. You are doing it bro!

MannyRSX said...

Excellent bro, outstanding progress!!

Keep it up, by the end of this 8 more weeks im sure you will look awesome!

Mauricio Segura said...

Impressive results. You´ve definitely been doing your homework... Keep it up!

Ryan said...

wow, you made so much progress from when you started. you can tell how much from the before and now pics, you've really changed a great way so keep it up!

Filipino Jim said...

thanks. the sketches you see on my page are digital paintings i've done in photoshop w/ my wacom tablet.

great results bro. i wish i had your drive. after this stressful week, all i hope for is just to succeed. i can see a huge difference. keep it up!

Evan Wilson said...

Hey man! I've finally gotten a chance to look at some other blogs, and it's great to see some positive results from some people! You're looking great, and it's good to see such progress! Congrats man!