Monday, October 1, 2007

Monday, day 1 of week 6

So my knee got an extra day off with not doing any interval training on saturday, and then yesterday as my normal day off, which really helped out alot. It was really buggin me on saturday but I wrapped it when I went to bed and took some ibuprofin. I did the same thing last night just to make sure, but it didnt bug me as bad on sunday. I didnt sit around all day either, we were up and around early morning (early for us) and got all ready for a day out in the desert shooting. So I did plenty of walking and climbing all over the place to setup and reset targets all day, and I had no problem and really no pain. I was releived, cause week 6 is very leg intensive!!

So today I started with my normal warmup routine and stretching, then went over the routine for week 6 one more time and then got to work. First off let me say that I REALLY LIKE week 6! This routine got me sweattin like mad!! Even my legs were sweating!!! I found this to be a high intensity routine, well layed out, and really did a good job of hitting all major body areas, like biceps, triceps, quads, back, shoulder, stomach, calves, and glutes. I thought it was a great workout. I did the advanced level like in weeks 4 and 5, so I did each exercise for 60 seconds with no break in between, and only a 1 minute break in between circuits, and I completed a total of 4 circuits.

I dont know if its because I took the extra day to rest or not, but I felt really energized in todays high intensity workout. I was worried that taking the day off would of killed my energy and drive to do well but once I started I couldnt stop! I was running out of time at the end of my 3rd circuit but I said forget it, I had more energy to burn off so I pumped out 1 more final circuit. It took me almost 13 minutes total to complete a circuit. But man I feel great right now, and my muscles feel invigorated and loose.

People at work and some freinds have been commenting on how good Im looking and that they can really notice a difference. Ive gotten alot of good compliments too on the changes in my arms, from my girlfreind and others too. Im still trying to get rid of the gut though, thats my main goal. I swear it must be the last place your body burns fat from cause my arms and legs dont have much fat left on them to burn, but I still got plenty on the ol belly! I will be kicking up the interval training this week to try and attack some of that stubborn fat cause like I promised, I have to post pictures again next week! Wish me luck!!


MannyRSX said...

Hey man!! Im really happy that your knee its good now.

I really enjoy reading your updates because its like a story, at first i was worried (reading saturday's post) but then i read this one and i was like YAY!! GJ!!

Just dont worry about the gut, in older pics that you posted i noticed that it was dying so im sure you will get it sooner of later.

Good Luck bro!, ill see you later.

abdominater said...

good luck w/ kikin up the cardio. im dreadin the 4 rounds im gonna have to do next week.after readin ur post im really gonna go crazy tommorow on my RT. im gonna do 4 like u instead of 6 but bring up the intensity. somthing like this w/ no brake

Pall Pushuos - 30 reps
Wall squat - 30 reps
Seated Row - 30 reps
Hip Bridge - 30 reps
Lateral Raise - 18 - 20 reps
Overhead Tricep Ext - 20 reps
Superman - 30 reps