Thursday, October 25, 2007

Wednesday, day 3 of week 9

I know its technically thursday but screw it, I gotta post this now and get it out of the way. Well I went to the gym Tuesday night after work to start my first day of heavy lifting and weights, and man did I forget something about lifting weights.....THEY'RE HEAVY!! I did pretty good though, I started with my warmup that I have altered a little bit to make it more intense, my body was getting too used to it. So now I can only do 4 sets of the warmup as opposed to the 8 I was doing, and it gets me sweattin! So I did that first in a small warmup area, and to tell you the truth I felt like an idiot sortta. I mean, everybody in there is all laying around, stretching, quiet, slowly doing ab stuff,...and then theres me kickin my legs up and doin burbees and jumping jacks and pushups and straight was a bit embarassing, first. Once I started sweatting I thought, what the hell are these people doing here? Dont you go to the gym to sweat and workout? So I told myself screw em, let em look and think whatever they want, Im not there for them.

So then I went to the weight room and started. I pretty much covered all the major muscles and did it while creating my own little supersets. It went pretty good, it took me over an hour and a half to do the routine I made up. I was really tired too. I tried to do my HIIT afterwards but the treadmills dont work like mine, they are very hard to manually change speeds while running fast, so I will have to see if I can program them. otherwise I will have to keep my HIIT to my house, which is fine too.

Then today I got home from work and did my week 9 resistance. It went pretty good, but Im a bit sore from the weight lifting,....WHICH I LOVE!!! I havn't been sore feeling in weeks!

The new schedule I have come up with, and will try next week will be something like this:
Monday-resistance, HIIT
Tuesday-weight lifting, long distance run
Thursday-weight lifting, long distance run
Friday-resistance, HIIT
Saturday-OFF, (maybe HIIT if needed)

If anyone has any suggestions as to my weight lifting, or has some good links to exercises please hit me up! Thanks again guys, and you all keep up the great work!


Master Le said...

Keep up the great Work!!

m0k said...

Hi man,

Great work. Just a little advice... Try to make your weight lifting sessions shorter. You get extremely catabolic once you pass 45/50 minutes, and losing fat, you're surely not giving everything your body needs after the workout.
I've been supplementing with creatine, glutamine, and BCAA to try to spare some muscle too...

best regards and keep up the good work :)

abdominater said...

excellent.ha ha. you sound like you were dominating that gym. survival of the fittest!
next time youre there you should start wiping your brow and cover them in your sweat.

youre a dog and and you gotta dominate and mark your territory. pretend the posers arent even there

youre results are outstanding!

the top half of your gut is starting to look like its carved from wood.

Chi&Pie said...

Super results! 18 pounds is a lot and it shows. LOTS of hard work, too. I hope the extra resistance training goes well. I can't believe your still going so strong on week 9. That's funny about doing burpees and stuff at the gym :). I'm glad you did the exercises and didn't care what people thought!