Friday, October 26, 2007

Friday, day 6 of week 9

Well I went to the gym last night for the second time this week. Did the same routine as tuesday, which consisted of some supersets that I created myself. Still having an issue with the treadmill at the gym though, so I ran at 7mph for 10 minutes and then did some interval training on the stairmaster, which surprisingly made me sweat like crazy. It wasn't that hard but it just really got me breathin heavy and sweattin alot. Overall I was pretty happy, and I feel pretty good with the slight soreness from the gym workouts. Today Im not as sore, so when I get home I will do my HIIT. I havn't had a descent HIIT all week, since Ive been using the gyms treadmill, but Im not too worried.

Im still losing weight too. As of this morning I was 157.5, which brings my total weight loss since I started to 20 lbs exactly. The number itself sems a little low for my taste, but Im pretty happy with my bodys look right now. Im not getting the skinny scrawny look that I was afraid of, and my chest looks to me to be descent sized, and my arms and legs dont look scrawny, so we will see. I still have most of my fat left right on my lower stomach and back, but its slowly being eatin away. I can tell though that Ive lost some fat on my butt, it feels harder and not so squishy. I have been eatting a little more protein than the last 8 weeks since I have started the weight lifting, and somedays I have 2 protein shakes instead of 1, and I have been eatting more wheat bread and other complex carbs.

I hope to have some good results to report on my next picture posting, which will be on week 11, but Im not getting my hopes up. I dont really expect to see much of a change.


Café said...

Hey man

Thanks for your comment!

U are one of the persons with the best results to show so far (considering from what u looked like before).
Keep up the good work cos u r on the right track!

abdominater said...

great work. i think im gonna start hitting the gym again when i finnish this program. i need to bulk up.too skinny. my gym has no aerobic section though. id feel a bit daft dancing around the place and dodging machines and benches.