Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Tuesday, day 2 of week 11


So I just got done with my results pic that I should have posted yesterday, and OH MY GOD!! Comparing week 11's to week 1's has really shown me what a difference there is and how much I have improved my body in these past 10 weeks! It has rekindeled the fire in me, very much so in fact that Im all antsy just writing this!! Heres what Im talking about:

Im glad I did these pictures....it really does show you the slightest improvements. I was really bummed about my results from the last 2 weeks, but when I compare the pics from week 9 to week 11 I really can see some differences.

Its just what I needed too, because today I started stepping it up a bit. I did my HIIT already at home before I came into work, and then I will do my week 11 incorporated into weight machines when I leave work tonight and go to the gym. Im not going to kill myself but I am aiming for soreness tomorrow. I am very determined (now more than ever!) to do good with my HIIT these last 6 weeks and to really change my body dramatically. Thanks for all your support you guys, and girl, ( ;-) Pie )it helps me alot. From the simplest of comments, to the long and lengthy written out ones, they all matter to me, and help keep me going. Thank you all. God bless all of you!!


Master Le said...

Keep on pushing bro! try to do what i did. i done 20 rouns of HIIT in one day. 10 in the morning and 10 at night. i was doing at 3 week before halloween. Man i tell you it feel great! give it a try.

Chi&Pie said...


jjeagle said...

Very nice Man! You are definitely in the top 3 that has had the most change since week 1. Keep doing what you are doing and then some.