Friday, November 9, 2007

Friday, day 5 of week 11

So i got some bad news and some good news, and since I try to be an optimist I'll give the bad news first. The bad news is my foot still hurts, rather bad infact. If its relaxed and sits for a while its actually worse when I walk, but if I massage it and stretch it its not that bad when I walk. And after yesterday when I was leaving the gym it was so stretched out and warmed up that I could barely feel it. Which bring me to the good news, my workout lastnight! I was a bit worried when I was starting but it actually went really good, I just had to modify my warmup a little bit so that my foot wasnt affected. I did really good at the exercises, and actually uped some of the reps and/or weight for a few of them, but I did really good. I was still sore yesterday too from tuesdays initial week 11 workout, which was nice cause I havn't been sore from Arnels stuff in a few weeks. This method Im using of transfering all of Arnels workouts to the gym equipment seems to be going good, it seems more challenging for me than just the resistance bands and small weights. But dont get me wrong, without the bands and other stuff weve used so far I wouldnt be here now. Oh, and by the way, Batman, I couldnt do the towel pullups either, I think I had too much softner and my towel was ripping! I thought that was funny when I read your blog and just wanted to say.

But the best part of yesterdays workout was my HIIT, which I was able to do THANK GOD! I used the row machine, and man did it kick my butt! I did 5 rounds with a 6 minute warmup, and ended up burning like 300 calories and rowing some 6000 meters I think, I could be wrong about the distance though. But it was actually really exhausting and not as easy as I originally thought. So I will be doing that for the next week or 2 until my foot heals, which is slowly happening. I have a good friend at work that is helping me out with stretches and massage techniques, and so far they ar really helping alot.

Alright all, talk to you later. Keep going strong everyone!!


Evan Wilson said...

Holy fack man!

I've taken a step back from all of this, and I've just come back to find you being the choice favorite for this competition!

Your progress is stellar, and I hope to someday get the inspiration to finish what I started, and progress like you have!

You're looking great, and I'm sure you're feeling great too. Well done man!

abdominater said...

youre doin so amazed your injurys are'nt getting the best of you. keep pushin. id love to do some hiit on a rowing getting so sick of the treadmill.