Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday, day 6 of week 12

This is just a catch up post real quick, I did my workout on thursday, and it went really good. I did the bicycle again for 25 minutes and burned like 235 calories. Then yesterday I went again and did my ab routine, and then hit the bicyle for 35 minutes and burned 315 calories, so I was happy with that. Im sortta liking the bicycle now, even though I really miss running alot, so its going to be nice to have a substitute HIIT for later.

The foots feeling alot better, I'de say maybe %80 now. Soon I will be BACK %100!!!!!

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Ryan said...

Hey man, glad your foot is almost fully healed. Great job on the fat loss too. If you really need days off because your foot is hurting then take it. I took 2 rest days this week b/c of that damn burned broccoli that I ate that made me use the bathroom at least 10 times yesterday. uugghhhh.

Anyways keep at it and THINK POSITIVE! If you can think it, you can do it. C ya Later.