Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday, day 1 of week 13

Well I know I usually post pics every 2 weeks but I looked and compared the pics from this week to the ones from 2 weeks ago and there is no noticable difference, so I see no need to post them. My gut measurement was down another 3/4" from 2 weeks ago, so that puts me at just over 5-1/2" now.

This is going to be a hard week at work since the holidays are approaching, and we have added shows because of it. So tonight I will have to go to the gym after work at midnight to get my first HIIT in for the week, so its going to be a late night for me. Not really looking forward to it, especially since I know I have to do 6 rounds too. I will probably do the bike again this week.

My foot feels alot better, but still not 100%. I am going to try and stay away from any unnecessary movements involving my foot, so that way I will be able to run next week. I really want to run because I know that its the MOST effective form of interval training for burning fat. I am also going to try and be very strict with my diet this week too, as I need to do something to make up for the fact that Im stuck doing a less intense interval exercise. I might not post that much this week because of the busy schedule, so if you dont hear from me dont worry, I'll still be going strong!

Good luck everybody, and work extra hard this thanksgiving week!!

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Mauricio Segura said...

How´s it going with week 14? tough isnt it? I was able to complete the workout, was it intense, though.

HIIT is also exhausting, but I am really enjoying my progress at it.

How´s your foot?

BTW, working out at midnight... that must be tough!!

Regards to your family