Thursday, November 8, 2007

Thursday, day 4 of week 11

Attack of the invisible injury monster!!

Ok, what is the deal?! I think Im being stalked by an invisible injury monster! First my shoulder, then my knee, now my foot!! Im not sure what happened, but I noticed that my right foot started to hurt a little bit after I got home from the gym on tuesday night, which really went good! Im still sore! It was really cool though, I had no problem finding weight machines to use in place of the exercises for week 11, it was great! So I got home that night, and noticed a bit of pain in the bottom of my foot as I walked upstairs to go to bed, but I thought nothing of it and forgot about it when I woke up yesterday morning. It felt fine until I ran, and about halfway through my HIIT it started to hurt, really bad. I ran thru the pain though and finished another good HIIT, Im VERY determined now remember!! But then I went to work and it KILLED me!!! I was limping all night at work and into today. I iced it and took ibuprofin and all that but it still hurt, so today I went to the doctor just to check it out. Im relieved cause he said there were no bone issues that he could see, and after talking to him he determined that I pulled a tendon or the tendons were tightening up, maybe due to shoes, or something shoe related. So I have to stretch it, ice it alot, massage it, and ibuprofin 3 times a day to take down the slight swelling. It sucks, but the good news is I still get to work out, and do HIIT, but I will have to do it on the bicycle or something, maybe the row machine, dont know yet. I hope it feels better soon, cause I really prefer running!!

Take care all!


MannyRSX said...

Hey man, im sorry you keep getting injured, but i swear when i first read your post title i laughed soo hard hahahah i kinda knew what it was about already.

I hope you get better soon tho, and by the way, i saw your last pics... duuuude wtf!!! crazy results!

Keep it up man, your doing great!

Iambatman said...

Man, you are doing awesome!! You really are. I can see the sixpack coming in!!!

Good job and keep pushing!!!!!