Monday, November 5, 2007

Monday, day 1 of week 11

Well, Im a little dissapointed in myself. My progress was not as good as I know it could have been. Since my last gut measurement I have lost another 1/2", which is good, but I think it could have been much much better. I know why this is though. I have been slacking a little on my HIIT. I only did it 3 times during week 9 and only 2 times last week. I told you how I cant do the HIIT at the gym because their treadmills suck, but I still would run for 10 minutes at 7mph and also do 10 minutes speed interval on the stairmaster, but those arent the same as good ol' HIIT on my treadmill. So my gut measurement now in week 11 is at 34-7/8", and my weight held pretty steady at 158lbs.

Due to my dissapointing performance and results, I will have to modify my workout this week, and see if that helps. So I plan on combining week 11's workout into my gym exercise, which means that I will be doing week 11 but not exactly like Arnel does it, I will be copying all the exercises and transfering them to weight machines to try and up the intensity. I will do that on tuesday, thursday, and either saturday or sunday. I will also need to do my HIIT at home on tuesday, wednesday, thursday, friday, and saturday or sunday. I know were not suppost to do HIIT before weight lifting, but it will be several hours between the 2 workouts, meaning I will do my HIIT at home before I go to work, then after work I will go to the gym to do my workout, so I dont think that will affect me in a negative way. Let me know if you know any different, as I deffinetely dont want to start screwing up now.

So without further ado, heres my pics from the beginning of week 11:

She wants to know what Im looking at....

Overall Im still happy with my results so far, deffinetely alot better than the out of shape body I used to have. But I have a long and hard 6 weeks left of this program, and I intend on doing my best to get as close as possible to acheiving the results I desire. Im starting to see lines form around my middle abs and my "V" lines are coming in alot more clear on my obliques, and I can barely pinch the skin and fat on my sides, but I still have most of my fat on my front gut and my lower back, but not for long!!!!


Chi&Pie said...

Hey! Way to go!
You are looking awesome! I can see a noticeable difference from week 9 pics (more ab definition) and a HUGE improvement from the beginning. You look totally different! Much more lean and muscular. Maybe you feel your progress might be slowing a bit, but I am still seeing your results. It is to be expected that the last little bit of fat loss is difficult because your body wants to hang on to it, so don't get frustrated if results are in littler steps. The extra interval training should do the trick.

p.s. I like all the different camera angles.

jjeagle said...

Nice job bro!. Your added weight training is working. I can see more chest and arm muscles.

Master Le said...

i kinda reach the problem too i reached my training plateu and i chaneg it up a bit by intresing the intensity and more weights. So imma push more harder to get better results. Your doing great! and your results are amazing! keep it up bro!

Iambatman said...

Dude, you are doing awesome!!!

Making your daughter proud!!!

Keep it up and great job!

abdominater said...

great improvement. your really toning up. your just goin through a slump with the am i. im gonna up my carbs to see if it picks me up a bit.