Friday, November 2, 2007

Friday, day 5 of week 10

Nothing new to report, I will be doing my week 10 workout and HIIT when I get home tonight. I just thought I'de post some pics of my little devil angel from halloween.

In the spirit of being a more healthy person we handed out glow bracelets instead of candy this year, it was a hit! The kids were all excited and loved them, so it will be a repeat tradition next year. I wont post again until Monday, when I will also be adding new pics....o joy!


MannyRSX said...

Hey man, long time. Is that Ally? She's beautifull!!
Anyways i've been kinda innactive because my PC literally exploded lol. Some electrical problem that im trying to fix (get new powersuply). Anyways just visiting to drop a comment, gotta get back to work. Talk to you later bro!

abdominater said...

glow sticks. great idea.Ive always personally felt that forcing bad food and religion on kids is abuse. allys really cute. ur gonna need those muscles in in few more years to scare away all the spotty teenagers!

nearly there. lets keep it up!

Chi&Pie said...

Ally's adorable!
She must be hard to say "no" to :).