Saturday, September 15, 2007

Week 3 workout info

So this section will get my late to blog ass all caught up and up to date!! Sorry if it seems short and sweet, but it will be!

Monday, day 1 of week 3. My first day of week 3, and all the soreness is pretty much gone now, Im feeling really excited to do this weeks routine too, it looks more like working out!! So like I posted earlier, I bought the elastic bands from Walmart cause I just didnt have the time to buy the bodylastics ones. Price was not a factor, just time. So I not only did the routine exactly as layed out, but I added extra reps because I felt that it wasn't hard enough. I didnt add too much to try and kill myself, but just enough to get that burn going nice and strong. I had to experiment with the bands a bit to find what I liked, and I settled on using the red (lightest intensity band) and the black ( heaviest intensity band) together for the rest of all my exercises for the entire week. Plus my daughter snaked the blue band from me and was happy swinging it around!

Tuesday, day 2 of week 3. A little sore from yesterdays resistance training, but glad to feel the soreness again, it must mean somethings changing! Especially my inner thighs, from the Stationary lunges is my guess. So I figured now that Im starting to feel alot better I should really start pumping up my running speeds, so today after doing my dynamic warmup #1 (7 times now) I started walking for 2 min at 3 mph, then 5mph for 2 min, then 9mph for 1 min, then 6mph for 2 min, then 10 mph for 1 min, then 6mph for 2 min, then 10mph for 1 min, then 5mph for 2 min, then 3mph for a 2 min cooldown. Sorry that writes out really weird, but holy cow did I sweat like crazy!! I had no idea how much harder going from 9mph to 10mph would be!! But I felt great afterwards!!

Wednesday, day 3 of week 3. Well the soreness from mondays workout has gone, only slightly there in my inner thighs, so I will add 2 different workouts this day. After all is finished I ended up doing 20 squats with red/black bands, 20 standing chest presses, 15 stationary lunges each leg, which killed the first set, bt got surprisingly easier the next 2 sets, 20 standing rows, 15 standing shoulder presses, which got cery hard to do during the last 6 or 7 of the very last set, 20 bicep curls each arm, 20 standing rotations each direction, and 15 hip thrusts. Now I wanted a little more so I added 3 sets of 20 doing sitting behind the head tricep curls with both hands using a 25lb dumbell, and also added 3 sets of 15 seated forearm curls, which I have added a video of to demonstrate. Also I felt really pumped today so I added 10 minutes of running which had a single 1 minute 10mph sprint in it. I was very happy with myself, considering I did this after I got home at like 9:30 pm and didnt finish till after 11pm.

Here is the video of my forearm routine, which I added to the resistance workouts 2 days of week 3, and will be adding it to week 4 also. I used to do this exercise alot in highschool when I was lifting weights alot, and love what it does for my forearms. Rest your arm palms up on your leg and let the barbell roll allthe way to the end of your fingertips, then curl your fingers up and finally curl your whole rist up as far as you can, then slowly release it and repeat. I did 15 of these each arm and trust me, YOU WILL FEEL AN EXCRUSIATING BURN, but you will love it!

Thursday, day 4 of week 3. I was happy with how my interval training went on tuesday, but I felt I still had a little more in me, so today I again pumped it up a little. I decided to run the entire duration at a 2% grade this time, and believe me it made a BIG difference! So my run went as follows: 2 minutes at 3mph for warmup (after my 7 sets of dynamic warmup of course!), then 2 min at 6mph, then 1 min at 9mph, then 2 min at 6 mph, then 1 min at 10mph, then 2 min at 6mph, then 1 min at 9 mph, then 2 min at 5mph, then down to 3 mph for a 2 min cooldown. WOW did this version of interval REALLY kick my butt!! But another day and another triumph!! "NO PRISONERS...NO MERCY!!!"

Friday, day 5 of week 3. Again I had to work all day, so it was hard to go straight home knowing I MUST workout, but I did it. Everything was exactly the same as wednesday, except I did not add any interval training at the end. Plus this night I had my cute little workout buddy that found her way into the garage with me to keep me company and laugh at me while trying to mimic me!

Saturday, day 6 of week 3. Today was exactly the same as thursday, with the 2 % incline the entire run. But this time I did my sprints different, the first was 10mph, then 10mph, then 9mph.


MeJustMe said...

I am starting to worry now :].
Only cardio training I do is kickboxing and running once a week. Maybe thats noe enough :]...

This is what I do for my wrists.

abdominater said...

your really pushing yourself.well done. i know what you mean about the grade.i only go 2% for the 1 minute part. i do 6 mins on 8mph(warm up) then i do 10mph x 1min and 8mph x 2min rounds.i walk on 2mph for a warm down. im gonna start doing the dynamic warm up cause all you guys are doin it