Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Tuesday, day 2 of week 5

Today went good with the interval training. I kicked it up a bit too. I started out with my normal warmups, and then did 30 reps forward and to each side for the wheel of death, my ab routine. Im surprised how I handled adding 5 more reps from last week. Then after the abs I jumped onto the treadmill and did the following routine:

2min at 3mph, then
2min at 6mph, then
1min at 9mph, then
2min at 6mph, then
2min at 9mph, then
6min at 7mph, then
5min at 6mph, then
2min 30 sec at 3mph, and then
30 sec at 2mph.

All running was done at a 2% grade with the coushining level at 3, which makes it a little harder cause it simulates running in sand almost. I was happy with myself being able to do 2 whole minutes at 9mph....I got to 1min and thought why stop, im not tired yet, but then I got to 1min 30 sec and I got tired. But I pushed it out all the way to 2 min. Little goals and little accomplishments, they're nice.

Ive been looking at all of your blogs and I have to say great work you guys. Keep it up! As the weeks go on we will really start to see some major changes in eachothers bodies. You can see it already in some of your pictures.

Dont give up, keep going!


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Sam said...

Dam bro!! Nice interval training that's impressive! 2mins at 9mph... you're a machine! Keep up the great job man you're doing WONDERFUL!!! NO PRISONERS! NO MERCY!