Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Wednesday, day 3 of week 4

Well today went pretty good. I didnt get the interval in like I wanted to because I ran out of time. But I did up my workout today. As you will see when you get to week 4 you can choose your intensity level for that weeks resistance routine, so Monday I chose to do it at the intermediate level which consisted of 45 seconds for each exercise with a 15 second brake inbetween each one, for a total of 3 circuits. It was pretty good but I was left with extra energy so I added some of my own stuff afterwards.

So today I had purchased a second set of resistance tubing so that I wouldnt have to waste time swithing tubes out, it helped ALOT!! I figured I would test myself too, so I decided to do the advanced level for the routine, which allows 60 seconds for each exercise with only a 5 second brake in between each exercise. WOW did this really kick my ass today!!

I started with my normal routine, stretching for a couple minutes and then doing 8 sets of the dynamic warmup #1, but I only waited 10 to 15 seconds in between each set of the warmup. That really increased my heartrate and got me sweattin faster. Then I proceeded to start the week 4 routine at the advanced level. I did the routine for a total of 4 circuits, and still added my other little dumbell exercises at the end.

I wanted to run afterwards but I just didn't have time, and to tell you the truth, I didn't have the energy! Doing the avdanced level for 4 circuits really took it out of me. What a HUGE difference between the intermediate and advanced levels! I had a sweat line down to just below my chest, it was pretty crazy. I even started my routine today with an extra 20 minutes.

I feel really good now that Im at work and have had my protein shake on the way in and I just finished my turkey and green beans dinner. I woke up this morning and was still 169 lbs, so thats good. Im really gonna try to kick it up for tomorrows interval again and see if I can burn some more fat!

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