Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Tuesday, day 2 of week 4

WOW was today awesome!! Im really surprised but I am actually a tiny bit sore in some new places, so I am assuming it was from some of the resistance training from yesterday. Guess it wasn't as easy as I thought LOL! I also bought some of those medical balls that you squeeze, so that I have something to do at work, and Im feeling that in my forearm today!

So for todays interval training I thought I might change it up a bit, so I started my normal warmup, which is now up to 8 sets of the "Dynamic Warmup #1), which is really getting me sweattin! Then I did my wheel of death ab routine, which only consisted of 20 straight rolls and 20 oblique side rolls each side. Then I hit the treadmill and ran for over 23 minutes and over 2miles! I burned 57 carbs and a little over 300 calories, I was excited. This is what I did:

2 min at 3mph, then
2 min at 6mph, then
1 min sprint at 9mph, then
2 min at 6mph, then
1 min sprint at 9mph, then
13 min at 6mph, then
2 min at 3mph for cool down, then
1 min at 2mph for finish

I thought Ide mix it up a bit today and this is what I came up with. Ive been running the same thing with only a little difference in the speed for the last 3 weeks so I figured I'de throw my body a curve, and it worked! I sweat the most today than any other interval training day yet!

I also weighed in this morning at 169lbs, so thankfully Im still losing some weight. Really going to try and get some fat burned from my gut this week for those week 5 pics.

Oh, thanks to all who leave me comments on this blog, you have no idea how much they really help and keep me going. We are all in this together!!!!


Fitforfree NJ said...

Great job, and good idea to mix things up. Thanks for adding your techniques and ideas, they are real motivators.

abdominater said...

i wasnt doing any warm ups before resistance training. i thought they were just for in terval training. damn.....