Saturday, September 22, 2007

Saturday, day 6 of week 4

Well today was my last interval day of the week. Today was a littl hard because it was such a beautiful day out and I started doing some stuff in the garage and was just getting into that so much that I really didn't want to workout. I even started to tell myself maybe I'll skip today and do my interval tomorrow, but luckily I snapped out of it.

So after stretching and doing my warmup routine I did the wheel of death for my abs, 25 straight and 25 each side for obliques, just like thursday. This time I threw in some bench presses, some dumbell curls, and some dumbell shoulder shrugs. WOW did those burn!

Then I hit the treadmill and did the following:

2min at 3mph, then
2min at 6mph, then
1min at 10mph, then
6min at 6mph, then
4min at 7mph, then
3min at 6mph, then
2min at 3mph, then
1min at 2mph for cool down.

I did the entire routine at 2% grade until the last 3 min of walking, I went up to 10% grade. That felt really good in the front of my lower legs.

So thats it for this week, another one down. I cant wait to start week 5, Im getting really excited now because Im starting to notice more and more changes in myself, and people around me are starting to notice too. Tomorrow I might put together a stats list of my progress so far, or I might just add it to Mondays when I take my week 5 pics...not sure yet.

Hope all of you are keeping up with it! Its hard but dont forget, ITS WORTH IT!!!


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abdominater said...

Glad u snapped out of it.I've been there once or twice myself.i know from past experience that it only takes one day of less than 100% and ur back eatin rubbish and feeling crap.

never again. keep it up