Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday, day 4 of week 4

Just got this entry in on time, just barely!!! I just finished my interval training for today. I had to do it late because like I sometimes have to, I had to be at work all day today.

I started the same way as usual, with the 8 sets of dynamic warmup #1, and then I did my ab wheel of death, which consisted of 25 straight and 25 oblique side crunches. I uped it by 5 each one.

Then I hit the treadmill, and I figured I'de show you how I did, so heres a pic of my final results:

Not too bad if I dont say so myself. I did the following, all at 2% grade:

2min at 3mph, then
2min at 6mph, then
1min at 10mph, then
2min at 6mph, then
1min at 9mph, then
14min at 6mph, then
2min at 3mph, then
1min at 2mph.

This was a pretty intense run, but I feel GREAT right now.....Im even thinkin after I shower I might see if the miss' wants to "work out". ;-)

Night all!!

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