Friday, September 14, 2007

Week 2

Ok, well this is just to catch you up to speed as of how my second week went. As you know by now (if you've been reading posts from me) Im in the 3rd week of the routine.

I was very sore from week 1's routine. It was really hard to keep myself motivated, so I looked around and found that I could join you guys in the group chat room without being in the actual challenge. I was very glad for this, because without reading some of your stories and talking with all of you I might have given up. But obviously I havn't, so I started week 2 with the feeling of not being alone, it was nice.

Monday, day 1 of week 2, was a very hard day for me. My body was VERY thankful for the Sunday off, but was not happpy when I started the routine again. I start off every day with some stretching and then I do the Dynamic Warmup #1 from Arnels six pack website. I like the #1 warmup alot, its easy, fast, and gets me sweating really quick. I did it 4 or 5 times this day I think, and then rest for 1 minute, and started the resistance routine. I did everything in the routine at a good rate, but I DID NOT LIKE THOSE DIVE BOMBER PUSHUPS!! I did all 20 for each set, but towards the last set they got really ugly! Also I just did the straight plank again, I couldn't do the 1 leg planks for more than 10 seconds.

Tuesday, day 2 of week 2, started off with the warmup, I believe I did 5 times again. Then I got on my treadmill and started my interval training. I started off with 2mph walk for 1 min, then 3 mph for 2 min, then 5mph jog for 2 min, then 8 mph sprint for 1 minute, and repeated the 5 mph to 8 mph for a total of 3 prints. Let me tell you, I have always been able to run at a set pace for long distances, and have never felt the way that this type of running makes me feel. I love it!

Wednesday, day 3 of week 2. Resistance training just as monday, but MUCH easier! I didn't feel as sore on wednesday, so it was alot easier to do the workout, and the dive bombers stayed fairly consistent throughout. Sweat like Mike Tyson at a spelling bee, jeez!!

Thursday, day 4 of week 2, same exact thing as tuesday. (interval day, same speeds)

Friday, day 5 of week 2. I didn't get to workout when I usually do, had to go to work all day. But I read the group postings and got the needed boost to go home and immediately work out. Today was funny though, my daughter got into the garage with me and was imitating me evertime I did a workout number, it was very cute. She layed down above me when I was doing the sittup part towards the end, and was huffing and puffing and lifting her legs mimicking me. Made me laugh...which was hard while doing sittups! LOL

Saturday, day 6 of week 2, due to family problems I had to do my interval training earlier than normal, but it went very well. I am starting to feel like I can go longer and faster, so today I uped the jog speed twice to 6mph and did the middle sprint at 9 mph. It was tuff but I felt really good afterwards. My body is no longer sore, even with the resistance training the night before.

So that was how week 2 went for me. I have started to notice the veins in my forearms starting to pop out again, I missed them! My arms are getting alot harder, and Im noticing a nice cut forming in my triceps. My calfs are also becoming more defined, and my quads are getting like rocks. I look in the mirror and can see a slight difference but most of it is in my face, arms, and legs. I still see a belly there, which disheartens me a little bit. But I have dropped from my starting weight of 177.5 lbs to 173.5 lbs now, so I know there is some fat being burned away.


fitnessvip said...

Keep those stories coming. I love reading it.


MeJustMe said...

I've had problem with a plank aswell. I've done for required amount of time but next day when I went out training my left leg was very weak :/ So next time I do it i will think it through first.

LOL about your daughter I think you should post it in the main challenge - more ppl will read it :]

p.s. Alot of ppl dropped more weight then us ;] I guess we will have to push alittle harder!

P.s.2. For some reason I can't see much difference when I am relaxed but when I use my muscles I definetl proud of them!

Good luck!