Thursday, September 27, 2007

Thursday, day 4 of week 5

Not too much to report, I was a little busy yesterday so I didnt blog. But yesterday went good, it was exactly the same as Monday, I did the advanced level and did 4 circuits. I did sweat alot more than on monday though for some strang reason.

Today was a good interval day too, I did the exact same thing that I did on tuesday. That 2 minutes at 9mph goes good, until about a minute and a half, then that last thirty seconds kills! But I did it, and I felt great afterwards too.

For some odd reason its been a little hard to get the will going to get up and go do my workout. It was like that yesterday and today, but once I do start it I feel better and Im glad that I did start. Im not tired or anything, so Im not sure why Im feeling like that...maybe it will pass. Even if it dosnt I will not be giving into it, I will still workout no matter what!


Filipino Jim said...

Believe it or not, your blog for today helped me get my butt up to workout. I'm glad that you hung in there. Keep it up and thanks for the motivation.

abdominater said...

i am so relieved and happy u mentioned abouyt ur motivation wavering a bit. i havnt missed a day yet but have been feeling lazier a bit the last while. i think its just that we are expectin more now so we need to work harder to get the same buzz.

were still ere though. great work.v impressive