Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday, day 1 of week 5

Alright, so todays the day, the day I have to take pictures. Im a little nervous because I sit and look in the mirror and Im really not seeing that much of a change, except for in my arms and legs. But I said I would post pictures so I have to psych myself up for them. First off heres a couple of my stats as of today:

Beginning of week 1: 8-27-07
weight- 177.5 lbs
gut measurement- 39 7/8"

Beginning of week 5: 9-24-07
weight- 167 lbs
gut measurement- 37 3/16"

Total weight loss = 10.5 lbs

Total inches around gut lost = 2 11/16"

Im really glad I took measurements of my gut from the beginning, because if I hadn't I probably would have stopped by now. Even with all your guys support and encouragement it is really a downer to look in the mirror everyday and still see a fat belly. But with the measurement numbers right in front of my face I cant deny that this program is really working! Much better than I had ever imagined!! So I sit back and think about the numbers for a second....WOW...Ive lost 10 lbs, and almost 3" in 4 weeks!! Thats frickin awesome!!!! Thats whats really going to keep the fire inside me lit!!!

Now that I have that out of my system, here's my pics from today:

Here's a comparrison set that I made from week 1 and 2:

As for todays week 5 routine, it went very good. I still had to do my usual warmup #1 because I didn't get enough stuff out of the way in the garage to allow me to use my jumprope. No biggy though. I stuck with the advanced level since this week is also circuit training like week 4. Today kicked my butt a little!! LOL The switching the balance ball from hands to feet KILLS my abs!! But I love it...and the balancing on the ball pushups really arent that easy. Its amazing how much it makes your abs burn....they remind me of planks...not so much pushups. I wanted to add some stuff of my own but ran out of time, maybe wednesday.


Anonymous said...

Great job! You're daughter must be proud of her Dad!

Desmag said...

Congratulations, im sure you must be feeling amazing, and much more comfortable with your clothes.

Luis said...

"wow" you are working great.theres a big diference from day 1 to this date.well done keep going
and "dont look back".

MannyRSX said...

Ally's boyfriend better watch out cuz you are DEFINETLY getting there man!! Great job!

abdominater said...

FANTASTIC! The clearest improvement ive seen yet. Amazing job. keep it goin.

let it burn
let it burn

as usher says.....

luv that song

Iambatman said...

Excellent job!!! You are doing awesome. Keep it up!!!