Saturday, December 22, 2007

Week 1 pictures

Heres a recap of my week 1 pictures, YIKES!!!


Chi&Pie said...

You look fantastic in your after pictures!-- Healthier, stronger, happier. It was neat to see how numbers changed for the better with regards to your weight loss, gut measurements, and blood pressure. Also to read about the improvements in ability to play with your daughter and snowboard. I am super impressed you and the few others who who stuck to the program!
Still update your blog once in awhile, good luck with achieving the rest of your goals. Thanks for all your encouragement to myself and others!

kaiser_ryu said...

Simply great your transformation man!

You look great!:D

Mauricio Segura said...
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Mauricio Segura said...

Congratulations. What routine are doing now? I have taken up the Fight Club Workouts (12 weeks). I tried a weights only program but got bored... so I´ll stick to Arnels MWFs and weights on Tuesdays and Thurdays.
Keep updating your blog every now and the, and posting in the google group.