Monday, December 17, 2007

Friday, day 5 of week 17


Well I am now officially finished with Arnels 16 week program, and I am very pleased with my results. A few thoughts before I get to my pictures though, and some of which include the fact that I would like to thank Arnel for publishing his program free of charge. Thank you for your help in guiding and shaping my new healthier lifestyle. Having gone through so much these past 16 weeks has really changed me in more than just a physical way. I now know that I could'nt have sustained my previous ways for too much longer without having suffered some serious health issues not too far down the road. Now I eat healthier, and love working out! I started this program to get in shape, but I ended up with so much more. I now have added time with my daughter Ally, who used to be able to run circles around me, but now has a hard time keeping up with me! I have also incorporated my healthier lifestyle into my daughters eating habits somewhat, which I know will help her to be a healthier child and grow up stronger. Even though I am now complete with Arnels initial 16 week program, I will not stop my journey to reaching my ultimate body goals. I have been incorporating weight lifting into my workout routines to help build muscle mass, and now know how to balance it with proper cardio interval training, along with the much needed proper diet. I believe diet was one of the underliying factors for my success in Arnels program, it is amazing how much better you feel when eating a proper balanced diet throughout the day.

Here are some of my program results:

Beginning weight- 175.5lbs, now 150.5lbs

Total weight loss- 27lbs

Beginning gut measurement- 39-7/8", now 33-1/2"

Total inches lost- 6-3/8"

Average blood pressure reading- 140 over 90, now 119 0ver 79

I have still yet to get an acurate body fat percentage, but using Arnels link I had these numbers:

Beginning body fat %- 27%, now 16%

Beginning BMI- 25.6, now 21.5

I just got back from a vacation up at Brian Head, Utah, where I went snowboarding and sledding with my daughter. It was great because I like to snowboard but its been difficult for me since I was always out of shape and heavy. Not this time!! I had no problems getting off the lifts, or even with getting winded, I had tons of energy and didnt even get tired feeling once! It was awesome. I wasnt even sore feeling the next day like I used to be after a day of snowboarding.

Well heres some of my pics from my technically ending 16 week program, but remember, I am still going!

I took these 2 pics in the bathroom under different light, just to show that lighting does effect how you see yourself in the mirror!

Heres a comparison set of pictures.

I am very proud of myself and my accomplishments so far, and I am very pleased with my results so far, but I will continue to push myself and my body to until I achieve my physical goals, so stay tuned for more results!!

Merry Christmas everyone out there, and God bless you all this holiday season and in the new year!



Ryan said...

damn dude, just look at you when you first started the challenge. You changed so much and for the better of your daughter. Now you will be able to play with her and watch her grow. And especially enjoy your skinny self at Christmas. Congratulations on finishing the challenge you are just one of the few people who stuck to the program and actually finished it w/o dropping out. You are truly inspirational. Your right, keep working out. You have your whole life ahead of you to gain the body you desire. The 16 weeks were just stepping stones so now you have solid steps to work with. Grats.

ASixPackAbsAttackChallenger said...


Great job! I'm really inspired right now! U were probably one of my greatest inspirations before (for the reason of dedicating ur motivation to your daughter) and now achieved this great results, which seem like you did a lot of work to get, but which you will enjoy a lot now.

I'm glad you are enjoying your new life with your daughter, and I HAVE SOME QUESTIONS ABOUT IT! When you said you are trying to incorporate the eating habits into your daughter's diet, what exactly do you mean? If you have some written material that you can share with me I'd most definately appreciate it. I have a 5 year old brother, whom I love and care for, and I don't want him to ever have to suffer the pain of being a fat kid, nor to suffer from the several discomforts brought by a bad nutrition. Me and my mom are starting to eat healthier with Arnel's guidelines, but my brother? We are desperately looking for a way to change his diet and make his life much much easier.

I would definately appreciate if you could help me out.

Thanks in advance,


Filipino Jim said...

Congrats Doug! Your accomplishment has become a huge inspiration. Take care and have a Merry Christmas.

jjeagle said...

Awesome, awesome, awesome transformation from week 1. That extra weight training at the gym definitely is showing that it works. Keep pumping man. Keep in touch as will I. Have a happy holiday season.

MannyRSX said...

DOUG!!!! My god man you did it!!! I know i've been away a few weeks (like 2 months lol) but today i feel like its time to stop being a bitch and continue my program. And what a motivational BOOST its to SEE that you made it! I remember you complained about the fat around your belly that for like week 10 was still there, and look at you now! I remember your knee problems too, and again, look at you! Im really glad you made it thro, and i hope you stick to this new life so that you finally get the body you want. Keep in touch man,
PD. Say hello to Ally for me :P

Master Le said...

Doug! wassup bro sorry i havent been on updating just working harder heheh, but the very top picture of yourself look likeyour going to beat the crap out of the fatter you lol. but keep pushing hard and stronger! if you have a myspace mines

Roger D said...

looks very good, good thing, can u help me to do the same as you?
my msn is rogermtv at hotmail, please add me guy, congrats!