Thursday, December 13, 2007

Thursday, day 4 of week 16

Hey all, I know its ben a little bit since my last post, but like most of us Ive just been really busy. You know, the usual, life, work, home, and of course the holidays. But rest assured I have still been very good with my workouts, and have ben going to the gym 3-5 times a week still. Ive been lifting heavier weights this week, since my reps were getting too high and the weights were getting too easy. My HIIT has been going really good too. Ive been averaging 4 times a week lately, which I know isnt the 6 that I should be doing, but 4 aint bad. Plus my weight got down to 150lbs and that was plenty light for me. Im now at about 152-153 lbs, and my waist and gut are still the same measurement so that means that I am gaining muscle mass, which is what I want. I feel much stronger than when I first started the weight lifting in week 9. I ran for the first time on monday since my foot injury, and it went pretty good. I first did my HIIT on the bike for 25 minutes, and then ran for about 3/4 of a mile, and then walked 1/2 mile to cool it down. I had some slight tenderness the nex day but it seems fine today. I have to work till midnight tonight so I will be going to the gym late tonight to do my HIIT and maybe run a bit more.

I will try to post pictures on sunday or monday, but cant guarantee it, as I said earlier I am extremely busy with stuff right now. But even with my busy schedule I have stuck to the workouts and the diet strictly. You dont have to worry about me falling victim to my old ways, because like I said when I first found Arnels program, this is a forever lifestyle change for me. Im almost done with his 16 week program, and even though I dont have my full six pack yet, I know that it is only a matter of time until I do achieve my goal. I will still use his diet methods, and his workout methods to keep my body strong and to keep pushing it harder and harder. I will also continue to post on this blog for a long time to come, as I use this to keep me motivated and to encourage and push others to also achieve their goals. Im proud of all that everyone in this group has accomplished. You should be proud of yourself, for we are the few, we are the very few that dont give up, dont give in, and just dont give a damn what anyone else thinks or says! Congrats to all that are in the competition, your final week is coming up, good luck. I will post again soon, see ya!


Chi&Pie said...

Hey, Good for you! Your last week! I am impressed with your self-discipline- especially with your eating right around the holidays, the frequency of your interval training, and going strong in spite of the setback you had with your foot! I am looking forward to seeing your pics. Good luck for the rest of this week!

Iambatman said...

Excellent!!! I am glad you are still with us.

Good job, man. Proud of you.

Yes, life gets in the way, but we find a way to conquer our workouts.

Can't wait for the updated pics!!!!

Andres Trujillo said...

Keep the hard work