Friday, January 21, 2011

All ready for my comeback!

So I know that nobody is reading this anymore, but I will still be using this for more of a way to keep track of my progress myself. Since my last post MUCH has happened in my life, but as far as physically I have dealt with an excruciating ankle injury. I rolled my right ankle and ended up with grade 3 (out of 4) tears to all of the tendons and ligaments in my foot and ankle, with permanent scar tissue built up in my achillies. It happened in mid december of 08', and I was unable to walk or run until August of 09', so of course my physical fitness level took a nose dive. The injury along with depression due to other circumstances in my life was a total whammy to my physical fitness attitude. BUT, it is now 2 years after my injury, life has leveled out as far as personal stuff goes, and my ankle is feeling spectacular! I started my diet on Jan 1st this year just like I did when originally doing this program, which was to cut out soda and begin to get myself used to eating right again. I've already lost 6lbs since the 1st, so I was 177 and am now 171. Every little bit I can lose before restarting next week will help...especially with those pullups! Anyway, I will be posting pics on my first start day just like last time, and will be searching for a new online group that is doing the same. One thing I learned last time is that having others to push you deffinetely helps, and competition is a great motivator! Till then....

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